Women’s Resistance Training

Today, more than ever, more women are looking to build their body strength and increase their body muscles. Working one’s body against weights leading to muscle gain is pretty much the general definition of resistance training. The Human Growth Hormone, also known as the “fitness hormone” is released when working against a force and it plays a major role in building strength and muscle growth.

Bodyweight exercise is a great way to add resistance. These are usually a simulation of activities we perform with our bodies on a daily basis such as walking and bending. The idea is to improve our abilities to carry out such-like activities. A few great bodyweight exercises include push-ups and bodyweight squats.

Swiss balls have been widely used by women to improve flexibility. They enable you to engage the smaller muscles more. They are great when it comes to building one’s core. This is important as these are the stabilizing muscles that protect the lumbar spine. Engaging these muscles constantly improves balance and helps you support your weight.

Resistance bands, on the other hand, increase the intensity of your workout by providing a resistance that is sort of ‘stretchy’. They are pretty lightweight and not that expensive. They also offer benefits such as less possibility of injury that equipment such as dumbbells and machines can’t. Pulling the bands uses momentum building muscles and the need to prevent them from snapping into their original position highly stimulates and strengthens the muscles.

If you’ve watched a lot of resistance training videos you’ll notice that weights are used often. Barbells and dumbbells add resistance to your body and allow a deeper contraction, strengthening your muscles. With dumbbells, there’s an improvement in body balance. Barbells allow you to lift even more total weight and it is easier to track the resistance in use.

Weight machines have been used greatly for rehabilitation. With these, one can isolate the muscle group to work on. They are great for providing resistance to specific bodyparts and allow easy weight change. They are a great choice for beginners looking to build their body resistance. However, be careful when using these to avoid injury.

If you are looking forward to starting resistance training there are a few things you should keep in mind. You should always use weights that are appropriate for you to avoid injuries. Taking rest days is also good for your body as paying attention to what it says could be life-saving. Also, remember to eat healthy food such as greens, healthy fats, and clean carbohydrates.

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